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Shaywood, I think I understand what you are trying to describe now. I had a day of bladder spasms on Tuesday. It felt like my bladder was having constant contractions, it produced a vibrating feeling and was extremely annoying. I had this once before where it lasted for 3 days, stopped for a day, then another 3 days of spasms. Knock on wood, it only lasted for a day this time. My pc ordered a urinalysis the first time this happened and everything was fine, which I had already known because I had no symptoms of a UTI except for the bladder spasms. I didn't even bother calling him this time, figured if it lasted more than a couple of days I would contact one of my doctors. Funny thing is that my pc really didn't want to handle the problem and my neuro wanted my pc to order a UA. However, the neuro did phone in a script for 3 days worth of Pyridium and it seemed to do the trick. Have you ever had the runaround where both of the doctors seem to think the other doctor should handle whatever the concern is?