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I have had a few stents and my urologist told me up front that they hurt. I had one stent in for 9 weeks because I was pregnant. I rotated the following drugs: Pyridium, percocet, demoral, and one other little white pill that I believe was for spasms...but I'm not sure.

The morning after I delivered my daughter they took it out only for me to develop a bad blood infection and I ended up with that thing back in me for 4 more weeks. I had a stone block my ureter and all the infection spilled into my blood stream. My daughter was 8 days old. I started getting these crazy high fevers...it was really scary...I thought I was dying. I was in the hospital until she was about 18 days old. I was devestated.

Stones can be serious...thats why I tend to be a freak about them. I have a new urologist who I like but he tends to downplay my stones like my old urologist. I told him that I just am haunted by previous incidents with stones and that I just want them out of me....for good!
Diana the best meds that work for me is Dilaudid and oxycodone. My PM Dr.doesnt want to do Dilaudid yet, until he see's what the meth will do for me. The best pain relief is at the ER with IV meds of course :). Sometimes no med's take it away totaly. Also when the stone is moving, and the pain is real bad, I get sick right away. So it's hard to get the med's in and stay in. I have to try real hard not to throw up and loose the pill.As far as the stent, I had a few Dr.'s tell me they will try a new stent each time and they still all hurt. I guess you have to have them though, from all the swelling. I also feel like I have to tinkle all the time with a stent, and when you have to go, you better be 1 foot from the ladies room. One time I was standing in my my Mother's garage and just had to tinkle right there. It was awful lol. I had a Indian Dr that took care of me in the ER when I was out of state, and he told me to take pyridium for the pain. I had an obstructed 8 ml stone with severe infection and had to be admitted in a strange town, and the only pain med he would give is Pyridium. Hahahaha it was like being in Hell. That med does nothing.
Aeronaut, I have had scar tissue from a stone, yes. I never had the bleeding thing though.

As far as the pain you mentioned yes I and all stone people have had pain which caused vomiting, naseau, chills, fever. Its scary and frustrating, like ytou said UNTIL you find a great DR and PM Dr. Then you feel like your not crazy and you have an advocate. Did you hear any results from Dr king? Is he going to do any more tests? Did you ask him for any pain meds? Ask if you can go in and speak with him and tell him your scared and upset and in pain, and ask for some pain meds. You can also call the nurse and ask if she can speak with him, but I always feel they wont tell him right or give him all the info. You know there is nothing wrong with calling him after hours and tell him how scared you are and that your sick and in pain. I feel bad for you, anytime you wanna chat just log on and I will chat with ya, and so will everyone else. Everyone on here is so helpful and nice. please keep me and all of us updated every day :)