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Hoping you guys can help me out here. I am at a great loss.

Six months ago my 11 year old son was diagnosed with kidney swelling due to a blockage in his right ureter - his rt. ureter was too small at one end, too large at another portion and a cyst had formed/infection. His symptoms were severe right ureter pain.

Great urologist, put in temp. stent, then did reconstructive surgery, reattaching ureter to bladder - all looks great. My son was healing very nicely, although slower - still some bladder spasming/aching - than we'd thought.

Now - six months post surgery - he has the same right flank pain in the ureter. Urologist ran urine - clean. He ran a CT scan - nothing shows. Suggests as next step a VSG (?) to rule out reflux, but it doesn't present like reflux and that seems unlikely.

Surgeon is now asking me stuff like is my son anxious or depressed - like he is making up the pain!! This is really frustrating.

I know nothing is showing. I don't know what to do. Instinct tells me this is either a very tiny stone or some kind of nerve damage. This has been going on three days now, and surgeon is taking a wait and see approach.

Both my son and his sister have also recently had a bad sore throat/body ache/stomach cramps illness she picked up at school - any possibility this would be a cause? Only other recent changes have been two baby teeth pulled (they were 'stuck').

My instinct is to treat with pyridium, ibuprofin, and antibiotic like mactrodantin since we are just waiting and seeing.

Any opinions? Would really, really appreciate some!

All best,