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Hi ~ I woke up with the worst UTI of my life on Sunday. I went to Urgent Care, and immediately got on an antibiotic and pyridium for pain. It's a 5 day antibiotic, and today will be my last day taking it. It doesn't necessarily hurt anymore, but when I urinate, there's an itching sensation. I still feel a little pressure in my bladder too. I am moving three states away tomorrow (and driving!!) and CANNOT afford to have a UTI, ya know?!! Do you think the antibiotic still needs to take its course, and I'll be fine? Or should I try to get another antibiotic? The doctor gave me Levaquin and told me that if it doesn't work then she'll give me a different antibiotic. I'm moving tomorrow!! Should I try and get more antibiotic today? Or do you think it will be fine and I need to be patient? Thanks in advance for replies!! :)