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Hi Jules,

I feel for your pain. I've been having bladder infection issues for last couple of months as well.

Do you get your urine cultured everytime you have symptoms; if not, please ask your doc to get urinlysis and culture tested to make sure if it is indeed UTI. Culture and sensitivity tests will show that what kind of infection you have, and which antibiotic is good for you. I strongly advise against taking antibiotic without your culture tested.

Ask your doctor whether he/she can prescribe you Pyridium for your pain. This is pain killer especially for your bladder. It might help till you see your urologist.

Avoid any food that's acidic - this includes cranberry juice! This will irriate your bladder, and cause the burning sensation. No alcohol, caffeine and sugar. No smoking.

Hot water bottle for your tummy and even your back may help. I used to go to sleep with it when I had my flares.

If you go see a doc this week, and get your urine tested (get it cultured please). If it shows no infection, it can be few different things. Hopefully that your body is still fighting infection, and your bladder is inflammed. It may need sometime to recover from that.

Before you go see your urologist, your MD should test you for STD as well, just in case. Try to write a diary or journal of some sort of your voiding and drinking habit from today till you see your urologist. This will defintely help with diagnosis.

Good luck and hope you feel better soon.