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Hello - I'm 23 and about a month and a half ago I starting having some signs of UTI. I had a burning feeling when I would urinate and there was also a pressure along with it like if you were to stop right in the middle of urination (but I wasn't stopped). Also, I had a feeling like I still had to urinate but couldn't. Anyway, I called my doctor and she phoned me in 2 different things... One was Septra DS tablets (take for 10 days) and also pyridium 200mg (to help with the burning). I took these as told and after 10 days felt some relief. Then about 3 days later the burning started to come back. This time I made an appointment and went in to see my doctor. (this is now about 3 weeks into at this point). She tested my urine and I did in fact have a UTI. She then gave me Levaquin 500MG to take for 3 days. It seemed to help a lot but now that I'm through with taking them...I'm still haven't some issues. I drink ONLY water ...NO SODA, tea, etc. My urine is still yellow in color. Usually, when I drink water, it is clear. Also, there is a definant urine smell. And 1 time (last night) when I went to the bathroom I had a SLIGHT buring feeling. Does anyone know what this could be or why I could be having this problem??? I'm going back to the doctor but can't get in for 2 weeks.... Thanks - Catherine