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12 days after surgery...

I had the foley catheter removed this morning. To anyone having this procedure I must strongly advise you to ask your doctor to be put under anesthesia before having this removed. When the nurse removed the catheter, it was sheer AGONY.

My urethra is still healing and is sensitive so when she took it out, it felt like the catheter had teeth on it. Absolutely unbearable pain, albeit the removal only took a few seconds, but the intense burning pain persisted for a good hour.

As of now, 8 hours later, it has subsided, but there is still a significant burn. I called my doctor's office telling them this and they prescribed Pyridium. Of course, they didn't offer this when I left, even though the agony I felt was unmistakably visible and heard!

I've had penis catheters removed before with significant pain since it was always after a dilation or a urethrotomy, and I mistakedly thought that maybe this time my body would have been a little more prepared for it, but this time felt like the worst of them all.

I'll post some more to give updates during my recovery, and at some point will post a list of things to ask your doctor about he might not tell you before going under.

But I reiterate, I would advise you to request you be put under before having the foley catheter removed. They will probably resist and try to make you feel foolish, but believe me, you don't want to deal with that kind of pain, even if the worst of it lasts an hour.