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I had undiagnosed Lyme for 20 years, if u can believe that. By the time I hit my later 20s, I had what felt like a constant UTI. Once in awhile I think I actually had one. But most of the time it was what is often called, "interstitial cystitis" -- like a chronic irritation of the urethra and feeling like you have a UTI but w/o really having one. This came and went, as did many of the symptoms of Lyme that I had (all misdiagnosed of course).

This can be a symptom of the more advanced stages of Lyme but happily, it can go away once the root core of the Lyme is eradicated.

I just wanted to let u know you arent alone, and that this symptom is not extremely uncommon. I got my urologist at the time to prescribe a med for that helped alleviate that burning and stinging sensation. It was sort of like a balm or "mild anethestic" to the area, called Pyridium. I would suggest asking your doctor for this med. It can turn your urine like an orange-ish color but thats no big deal. It does help.

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