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I am so very sorry to hear about your recent d/x of IC. Yes, Elmiron can be very expensive without insurance that covers prescriptions. There is currently no generic for it, however there are other meds that do similar things. The primary job of Elmiron is to coat the bladder. Many ICers have had success with Cytotec. It is also a r/x med, but I am pretty sure it is available in a generic form. It is usually r/xed for ulcers, since it helps restore the mucousal lining in the stomach. It is also an ingrediant in Arthetec, along with an NSAID. Arthretec is typically r/xed for arthrtitis, and the Cytotec in it helps lubricate the joints. Research has shown it to also help coat the lining of the bladder in much the same way that it does the stomach and the lining of joints. However, the downside is that it has several side effects and not all patients can tolerate it. If might be worth a try, if Elmiron is too expensive. However, before asking your Dr. to let you try it, be sure to do some research on it, so you will be informed. (It's use among IC patients is still pretty new, and not all Drs. will be up on it.) So, it would be a good idea to do some research on it, print it out, and take it with you to your next appt. There is one MAJOR thing to consider, Cytotec will probobly not be r/xed to you if you are still fertile, (even if you are on the pill or use another form of Birth control), b/c it can (and usually does) cause miscarriage if taken while pregnant.

If you are still fertile and cant take Cytotec, another option for you would be talking to your Uro about doing home instillations of heparin. Many ICers do them, (including myself.) They are called rescue instillations, and help alot with pain too. I generally do them a few times a week, but often daily when needed. Mine contain Lidocaine (a numbing agent that helps with pain), and Sodium Bicarbonate (an acid neutralizer), and Heparin (to coat the bladder and help heal the lining.) Though I have prescription coverage, my insurance company wouldnt pay for the instills. (They only pay for injectables for Diabetic patients. GRRR!!) However, they cost me about $3 per instill or roughly $90 a month.

Anyway, I self cath using a small cathater, (the size is 5 French). I mix the meds myself and instill them into my bladder at home. I numb my urethra first with a topical 2% Lidocaine jelly. I also use it to lube the cath. I get immediate relief from the pain, and the Heparin helps heal the lining of my bladder and coats it. It also helps me with the urgency and frequency. This might be a solution for you as well.

Regarding the book, I am sorry to say that I have heard of it, and no, it isnt a legit cure. There is no cure for IC, natural or otherwise. I can tell you that before I came to this site a week or so ago, I moderated at an IC site with over 30,000 members. We had people post about faux "cures" all the time, asking questions, thinking they'd finally found the answer to end their suffering and ours too. However, none were legit. Believe me, if there was a cure, we would know about it. I personally have spent numerous years researching IC. We know more about it all the time, and are constantly finding new things to help with the symptoms. Many top clinicians and researcers around the world are frantically searching for a cure. I am confident that one day, there will actually be one. However, the book you asked about does not contain it.

If you want a legit book to read about IC with some concrete things you can try now, then I recommend "The IC Survival Guide" by Dr. Robert Moldwin. He is a Urologist at Long Island Jewish Medical Center in NYC. He is a renouned expert in IC. The book is a wonderful resource for a newly d/xed patient. You can usually find used copies on Amazon for around $3 or $4. It will be the best $4 you can invest in treating your illness.

There are many meds that can help you, and a good Uro can steer you towards the right ones for you. I would advise you to let him/her know that you dont have r/x coverage so they can steer you towards meds that are within your budget. A good one to start with would be Elavil. It is an antidepressant, but it also helps some with pain, urgency, and frequency. Also, a r/x of Pyridum or Urelle would be a good thing to have. They also help with urgency and frequency. Both Elavil and Pyridium are very inexpensive too! :)

There are tons of meds and treatments out there. I hope you find a combo that works for you and gives you relief. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. I will help you all I can.

Meanwhile, the single most important thing you can do for yourself is to start the IC Diet if you havent done so already. I dont think we are allowed to give websites here, but you can find it easily by Googling it. Dont give up if you dont see results right away. It can take a few months to clean out your system and for the IC Diet to really start helping. (Though most notice improvment within the first few weeks.)

I wish you the very best of luck and hope you start feeling better soon!