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After at least a year of urinary problems, I am scheduled to see a urologist this week. I originally saw my OB for chronic urination, intense burning pain before, during and after urination and very painful sex.... Some days I will pee 20 + times a day. They ran every test assuming a UTI, pregnancy, etc. Finally, she mentioned IC and gave me a referal. She mentioned during the pelvic exam that my bladder seemed very inflammed. The OB also prescribed NSAID's and pyridium.... I think the NSAID's make things worse for me and the pyridium only eased the frequency for about 2 hours.

I cant see an actual Dr. at first so I have to see a NP.... Can anyone tell me what I can expect at this visit? The office said it would take about 45 minutes to an hour. I am not sure why it would take this long since they have all of my history and again, this is not a visit with the doctor.

Another question.... Since the pyridium and the NSAIDS are not helping, what else is there I can take to help aleve the sometimes debilitating symptoms? Anyone try Lysine? Any other herbal remedies?