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Phenazopyridine (Pyridum) can be used to treat the pain.

It's only temporary, but it's something that may make your father feel better in the meantime while the antibiotic is working. But the trick here is that it can't be used if you've got renal insufficiency. If your father's kidneys are working properly (even though he's got all the symptoms), then it should be okay. Bring it up to the nurses.

Pyridium is specific for pain of the urinary tract. It's safe to use along with the antibiotics. It's only for short term treatment because there is no evidence with regards to using it for longer than a few days.

Your father likely has a complicated infectious process going on. If I'm not mistaken, anytime a male has a urinary tract infection (UTI), it's by default, complicated. Males usually shouldn't be getting UTI. Your father may require stronger antibiotics and longer course of treatment than what you would see for a female.