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I was dxd with IC a few years ago. I am not med/supplement sensitive, but know many with IC who are. I am more sensitive to foods than I am meds, and knowing what my food triggers are and avoiding them is one of the most important things in controlling my symptoms. That said, my symptoms are often triggered by stress, exhaustion, exercise... and sometime symptoms appear for no reason at all. That is the nature of IC, sorry to say. You could try stopping the B12, after discussing it with your dr, to see if that is the culprit. IC triggers are often determined by trial and error. There are also many standard protocol IC meds that could help with you symptoms: Elavil, Atarax, Pyridium, pain meds, low dose valium or muscle relaxers, and of course Elmiron, but that takes quite some time to work, if at all, so usually the other meds I listed are started along with elmiron to give more immediate relief. I agree with you on invasive procedures, especially when there are meds that are proven to relieve your symptoms....they're worth giving a try to see if that will help your symptoms and get you back on track before submitting to cystocopy or any other invasive bladder procedure. Best wishes.:)