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You're welcome. I think I spelled the name of the antibiotic wrong....I believe it's called macrobid, not microbid. I do hope you get some lidocaine...it can truly be a life saver....not only when the cath is being inserted or removed, but also can be applied to the vulvar and urethral area whenever your mom is feeling burning, pain or irritation down there. It numbs the area and gives good, if only temporary relief. I use the 2% gel, but it does come in stronger %, I think up to 5%. When you get the rx, try to have them write it for several tubes or bottles, that way you only have to pay for it once. Hopefully another member here, Ihurttoo, will pop in with any additional advice. She has had more experience with being cathed for longer periods of time than I have, and her advice is always priceless. I'll try to get in touch with her and have her respond to this thread in case she has anything additional to add that could help your mom. Oh, I often found it helpful to occasionally push the cath in a little bit, if the balloon that holds that cath in was resting on the base of my bladder, it was terribly uncomfortable. There are also meds called Pyridium and Urelle that are used for UTI symptoms...relieves bladder spasms, pain, and burning. Talk to your mom's dr to see if she would be able to take one of these...could be very helpful with the irritation she is feeling from the cath. Best wishes.