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I would be careful on pushing to pee. That can cause even more problems. Best to do something to relax the muscles...run the faucet or use some relaxation techiniques to prepare yourself. Using a sitz bath filled with warm water on the toilet can also be very helpful...go in that and then rinse with fresh water. If you don't have a sitz bath (available in med supply stores or pharmacies that sell med supplies) you can do the same in the tub. I don't have any experience with kidney stones, so I can't comment on that.
If you are retaining urine, that can be very painful, that's why I think a voiding log would be helpful, in case your symptoms don't go away, you can take that with you to the dr. Keep an eye on the size of your belly...if it swelling and you are experienceing a lot of pain, that can mean you are retaining. There is a med called Pyridium that is available by rx but can also be bought OTC as Uristat or AZO standard. It's a bladder antispasmodic...I take it for bladder pain and burning. You can get it at any grocery store or pharmacy section of drugstores or places like walmart. Were you tested for a UTI? That can cause bleeding and other urinary and bladder symptoms. You can also by a test kit for that OTC, but I would still drop off a urine sample with your dr and have it not only tested but also ask to have it cultured, so if you do have some bacteria involved, you get put on the right antibiotic. If you do that and are still experiencing pain and other symptoms, I would ask your MD for a referral to a urologist. Other than the pain in your rib area, your symptoms sound similar to mine, except that I usually have to pee a lot. Some with my condition have problems with retention. You could ask for an ultrasound or sonogram (can't remember which) to see if you are retaining after you've peed....if you are that could be the cause of your pain and it wouldn't be a bad idea to learn how to self cath if that is the problem. I know I'm throwing a lot of info at you, but just trying to cover all bases. Best wishes