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Dear Michelle::cool:

I was just reading this thread, and wanted to throw my two cents in here.

I am both a UTI AND IC sufferer. Both cause bladder pain and discomfort, making it difficult to distinguish until a doctor tests your urine for infection. If you have bacteria in the urine, it’s a UTI infection. If it’s IC, it’s an autoimmune disorder that requires a change in lifestyle to avoid symptom flare-ups.

If you test positive for a UTI, you *must* take antibiotics to help eradicate the infection and Cystex to help the pain and spread (best OTC in its category) of the infection. Cystex, can also be used as a preventative, because it is the only one that contains methenamine, an anti-bacterial agent that not only slows the progression of an infection once you have one, but can also help keep bacteria from clinging to the walls of the urinary tract to prevent a UTI from actually occurring.
An excellent UTI site to check out – [url]www.cystex.com[/url].

If you have IC, however, do not take Cystex! It's formulated for UTIs only. The only products proven to help relieve bladder flare-up related to IC are Pyridium available by prescription, and Azo-Standard. For more info on IC, click on this link - [url]http://www.medicinenet.com/interstitial_cystitis/page5.htm[/url].

[QUOTE=Jill1221;3130761]Hi Michelle,

I am also undiagnosed and have had the same UTI feelings with no UTI. I think that it does have to do with nerves going haywire. I took an OTC pain reliever called Cystex and it did help. I know how you feel it is so irritating that I just wanted to rip my business off!