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Happy to hear things are going well - yes, they are going well. I told you the catheter should stay in for a few days - the swelling causes the not being able to urinate. Now, you need to relax a little and do as little as possible except for the light walking around. No heavy lifting for at least 6 weeks. The burning will last a few weeks - this is normal. I think I was on the Pyridium for quite a while. This is a big deal for a procedure so let your body adjust at its own pace. Figure 3 to 4 months for full recovery so sit back and try to relax. You will feel better every day or should I say weekly . This recovery is measured in weeks and months. Now, remember that you will start to pass scabs about the three week mark - keep drinking often to keep the bladder flushed. If you have any concerns, just post them - been off the board for a few days, but I will check on you often! The doctors don't tell you any of this stuff - nobody would get it done if they knew what was going to happen during the recovery. Remember, you are in the younger classification for the TURP so it takes a wee bit longer to recover. After you start feeling better, you will be happy you had it done. Everyone said the same thing right after the surgery - time will take care of most of the problems.