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Are you taking pyridium? I was on it for a long period of time - I started cutting the dose after 3 or 4 weeks. You kind of forget some of the details as time goes by. From what you have said, you seem to be doing really well. Remember what I told you - it takes a lot longer than they tell you. Give me a progress report so I can get up to speed and give you good information. I couldn't get on the board for a while, but I'm back !

I also had a bladder issue from not getting this taken care of sooner so I had a long hard recovery period - it seems like I'm still paying my dues .
I'm on an antibiotic for UTI right now - can't seem to catch a break.

Glad to see you back on the board! I'm not taking Pyridium; I'm taking another one which is supposed to be as good. (It makes the urine blue rather than orange.)
I haven't passed any scabs yet. Doc says some people don't pass scabs (maybe their system absorbs them?). You say it's painless though, and that is reassuring.
I had a super stream right after the catheter was removed. The doctor said that was due to to the dialation caused by the large 3-way catheter. It has now subsided somewhat, but still better than before the procedure though. Did you experience anything like that?
Also, I'm still having to urinate every couple of hours at night. Daytime symptoms have improved though. Does that sound familiar based on your experience?
At any rate, thanks for the reply. I looking forward to reading your next post.
I am also ex-military; I gave 'em 8 years in the Army. ...Canal Zone, California, Korea, Japan, and gave it up in Virginia in 1971. I was in a part of the Army which is 95% overseas, which was OK. Much better duty.
In recent years I had a management type job which took me all over the US. I'm familiar with Giant Stadium. I used to stay at a hotel in S. Hackensack when I was working in Teterboro. ..used to go out to eat at a place in Secaucus. I still have a good friend living in Saddle Brook.
I also did some project implementation work down at Cranbury (Exit 8-A) for a few months, and then up to Orangeburg, NY for awhile.

What is Colostrum and how does it work? I might try it. (Careful, don't name a commercial source!) Lately I have good days and some not so good. I guess fluctuation during the healing process is to be expected.
I might ask the doctor about pyridium to see if it's as good or better than what I'm taking now. Talk to you later.