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Hi Group! I found this site while trying to find more information about the terrible condition that is killing me. Please, look over this information and let me know if anybody out there has/had this and what you done for it. I have spent all the money I have on the MANY doctor bills and SO many different drugs, as well as hospital bills due to this condititon!This is a novel, but maybe it will help decipher this mystery!
Strange how one can remember such details, but when you have something of this nature for so long, you will search your memory to try and figure out what led up to pain/irritation that is so bad! I am sure though that my memory has probably failed me on some of this info, but, this is the best I can recall since this has been going on for so long.
Up until April of 2006, I would have a UTI about every 6 months. Any antibotic prescribed would resolve the infection after about a week, with no other issues for about 6 months.
About April 2006-
Im really not sure if I actually went into the clinic, since UTIs seem to be chronic for me, I might have just called and the Doc called in meds, anywho, I was put on phenazopyridine and Nitrofurantoin. No relief after about a week. Antibiotic changed to Cipro. Another week still no relief. Antibiotic changed to Bactrim.
Particial relief in a day or so, complete relief in about 3-4 days, yet REAL itchy blotch shows up on my arm, so I call the receptionist at my clinic, and she says that she is allergic to Bactrim and that is exactly what it does to her. Thankfully, I had been on the drug long enough to get rid of the UTI. That was in the summer of 2006 and was the last time that I have been pain-free and UTI free since.

October 2006- Basically a repeat of above, although Bactrim was never prescribed. Finally after about a month of different antibotics, doc decided it best to send me to a Urologist. No infection found plus he looked in the bladder with a scope and everything looked completely normal. He tried me on Enablex and Levsin sublingual. Neither done anything for it. I would say I went to him for a couple of months before throwing in the towel with him.
Also, I would say about August of 06 is when the whole scare started with the oral Premarin doing some sort of internal damage, so I quit taking oral Premarin that month. I dont know if this could be related some how to this bladder issue or just a coincidence in timing.
That urologist is who prescribed the Premarin cream that I am currently on, although his directions were to just use about a "1" squirt of it smeared around twice a week."

Sometime during the next few months I was at a restaurant and it was bothering me BAD, so I went to the Walk-In clinic, this was on a Sunday. Cant remember the Dr that saw me, but he didnt find an infection and basically sent me on my way. Well, me still in such pain from this, I looped back around to the ER. The ER doc wanted to know who had told me that I did NOT have a UTI and I told her that I had just came out of the Walk-in and that Dr was who said that I did NOT have a UTI. She looked sorta funny and said, "Well, you DO." So, she prescribed BACTRIM and something for the pain, but I cant remember what it was.
At that time, I could remember SOMETHING about BACTRIM, just not what it was, so I got it filled and started taking it. This was at about 7PM. The next morning I was already feeling relief from the UTI, but the itchy blotch had already showed up. That is when it dawned on me what it was about BACTRIM! So, I think I called my regular clinic and the antibotic was changed. I dont remember to what though.

OK, basically, the same thing has went on up until now with this ongoing feeling of a bladder infection that isnt there. I was real surprized a couple of weeks ago when I went in to the clinic and the urinalysis showed a BAD one since I didnt feel any different than I do everyday. Then, just Tuesday I went back in after Di

Thusfar, I have been to 3 Urologist. The last one, brought me in to the hospital and done a distention and looked around in there. Right before I went under, I did ask the man,"Will this fix me?", his exact reply was, "No, I dont think so. I really dont expect to find a thing." Seriously, that is EXACTLY what he said. Well, he didnt find anything wrong. He said,"Your bladder is completely normal." That was the last time I went to a Urologist.
Up to this point, here is a list of all the different drugs that I can remember trying for this, whether antibotics, painkillers, etc:
1. Nitrofurantion 2. Cipro 3. Pyridium 4. UroBlue 5. Pyridium Plus 6. Enablex 7. Flomax 8. Mepergan 9. Ultram 10. Tramadol (name brand more effective than generic, takes 2 generic to the 1 Ultram) 11. Amitriptaline 12. Lyrica 13. Neurontin 14. Clindamycin
15. Cephalexin 16. Levsin sublingual 17. Elmiron 18.Doxcycline 19. Lortab 7.5/500 (the lower doses will not work for this)
I THINK that is all.
Current medications are:
1. HCTZ 1 q.d. am
2. Nexium 1 q.d. am
3. Premarin Cream every other day
4. Lortab 7.5/500 every 4-6hrs

Over the last weekend, this irritating pressure was about to drive me insane. BTW, that is the description of this, it is NOT pain, it is a BAD irritating pressure feeling, anyway, I had just about had it by Sunday, I just couldnt deal with it anymore and had basically been crying with this since Saturday. It gets to where something of this nature takes a toll on you mentally.

This is what all is worth noting about this "condition:"
1. Lying down stops this. Especially if I lay on my left side and throw my leg sorta over towards the edge of the bed. This feeling will be completely gone within 5 minutes.
2. When I get up at around 8 AM, I dont have this feeling. It starts showing up gradually over the course of the day. Around 1PM is really when it starts getting out of control. By 3 PM even worse, and so on.
3. Nothing that I eat or drink has any bearing on this feeling. Although, on the rare occassion that I have a couple of either mixed drinks or wine, by the 2nd one this feeling is gone. So, for some reason, alcohol numbs this even though I am not drunk.

I know this is a LONG email, but, I am hoping that someone out there has been in my shoes and was cured and can give me some guidance since I am getting to the point of despiration with this. I have literally considered suicide! I am 42 years old and just dont know what else to do to try and fix this. Thank You So VERY much, Sincerely, prostitch:(
This is so weird, I was in the E.R. Sunday because I thought I had a uti, which I called the Dr. for on Sat. & prescribed Cipro & Pyridiumn. I just had this at the beginning of Feb. too. I can't get comfortable when I lay down. Friday night I started with pressure, then I was about having a panic attack thinking gosh I can'at go through the pain I had in Feb. I have a pain that shoots down my left lower back. I was up all night Saturday night, after taking Cipro just for the day. When I went to the E.R. they told me it was a pinched nerve, gave me percoset. I had a hysterectomy last yr. also had my bladder tied up then.