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Hi everybody. I feel like the crazy lady on here searching the sites that seem to match my symptoms, and I can't seem to figure it out. I have had hematuria and a terrible irritable, painful bladder for years. I have had some atypical urine cytology tests done, that were suspicious for malignancie. I had cystoscopy, and all I heard them say they saw was squamous metaplasia and hemmorages. (excuse my spelling). I am suppose to go back to the urologist in July to do another cystoscopy and cytology test done. Well, I have been in so much pain and can't get the urology clinic to call me back,so I went to ER today. The doc there reviewed my symptoms and diagnosed me with IC. I am 42 with a complete hysterectomy, and I don't know it that matters, but I have been d ying with no diagnosis and all this pain. It feels like everyone things you are crazy. got scripts for pyridium and bactrim today. going to start them tomorrow. Hopefully this works. The bad part is , I hear on here that their is an actual test to prove if you have IC. So still, I do not know whats causing all this pain, malignancy or IC?
Hi Babysister66!
I'm glad that you at least have been diagnosed. That's a big step in getting help. I'm sorry that you have IC though. I've had the diagnosis for 2 weeks now and feel better than I have in at least 8 months! I had a Cystoscopy with hydrodistension. That is when I got my diagnosis of severe IC. My doc put me on Elmiron 400mg a day. I have to say that I never thought that I would have good days again.
Yes, people and even some docs will tell you that the pain is all in your head! It took me almost a year to get answers and actual help! I hope that the Pyridium and Bactrim makes you feel better!

I had a PST(postassium sensitivity test) but the test were inconclusive. I didn't get my diagnosis until the Cysto/hydro.

I hope that you feel better soon!

Best wishes,
Hey guys. It seems like you all are very supportive on this board and seem to help people out. I was curious as I had that tentative diagnosis as suspicious of malignancy, and then yesterday in the ER they said possibly IC, has anyone in there quest for diagnosis been given atypical cytology reports? Mine were
Clusters of atypical urothelial cells,squamous cells, columnar cells, and traces of blood.
Neoplasm cannot be ruled out

Can this be a reading found in IC? Please, if anyone knows it would help me so much. Urologist upped his appointment from July 15 to the 24 this month, but I am so worried. I took my pyridium, but I am still going like every 20 minutes. Thank you
Hi Babysister,
I'm sorry that I don't have an answer for your question. I don't recall being told about a cytology report. I do know that having a cystoscopy should give you more info on your problem. After having so many tests done, the cystoscopy is what gave my doc answers to my problem.

If Pyridium is anything like Detrol La, then it would take a while before you started seeing a change in your urges. My doc said that after about a week I should see it taking affect. Please keep us posted on how your next visit goes.
Good Luck!