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I have been suffering with a UTI too. I was misdiagnosed about 3 weeks ago at an AM/PM clinic - or else didn't have the full-blown UTI yet. They gave me Pyridium. I kept having problems with frequent and urgent urination but no actual pain when I urinated. I ended up getting calling my gyn and she prescribed Macrobid, 100 mg 2x/day. It helped for a day and a half but then it started bothering me again. So, I went to the ER on Sunday and they said I had "dirty urine" and a really bad bladder infection. Told me to drink water every hour and cranberry juice. I was given 250 mg of Cipro and more Pyridium. It got better for the rest of the day and part of the next day but then it started burning - with urgency and frequency. I saw my Dr. yesterday and he put me on 500 mg of Cipro for 7 days. He also gave me Detrol. The ER sent my urine culture over to the dr. and nothing grew - probably due to being on anti-biotics. Anyway, how did yours turn out? I'm just having a heck of time getting rid of mine.