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[QUOTE=ellekay;3732342]Hi there,

I am going through hell right now. Just got home from the hospital. Has a cystoscopy under anesthetic, they looked inside and dialated the urethra because it was too small they said.

It all went well, but right now i feel like death. The pain is unbelievable. it feels like a knife when im peeing. I know thats normal biut, all of a sudden, a sick feeling came over me and i had to throw up. Is that normal?
Is it from the anesthetic? the antibiotic or the procedure itself?

I felt fine at the hospital besides the terrible stinging and burning, but now its the nausia.

Please help.

Did they give you pyridium?? They usually give you that as it helps so much with the pain. If you can take it get it at the drug store over the counter... ask the pharmacist where it is. I can't believe nobody told you this before you left! The pyridium will turn your urine orange... get some as soon as you can,,, it will cut the pain down to almost nothing. I don't know about the nausea, perhaps the pain is making you sick? Regardless.. if you still feel ill, call your doctor..
Anesthesia will make anyone sick. I take it you've never had surgery before, so you've probably never been put under before, so you didn't know that, right? It's true. That's the reason why I always tell the anesthesiologist to give me as many anti-nausea/anti-vomiting drugs as possible. Because I hate waking up from anesthesia and getting sick. It's the most common side effect from anesthesia. And just remember this the next time you have to get put under, tell them you want everything they can give you to prevent it next time.

As for the pain, the pyridium is supposed to help. I think it helped me after my cystoscopy. The pain got better pretty quick for me. It only lasted a couple of hours. It makes sense the pain would be worse for you since you said they had to stretch your urethra. It's going to take some time for that to get back to normal, I think. Did they give you pyridium? If not, call and demand they give it to you.

I'm surprised so many people here have had it done under anesthesia! I had mine in the doctor's office with nothing but a topical numbing gel which did nothing to help andit was really uncomfortable and sort of painful too. But I wasn't even given the option to do it at the hospital, so I'm not sure what's up with that?