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I just made an appt with a urologist on my gyn's recommendation but can't see him till middle of Oct. I am having frequency and pressure, have a rectocele and found out 3 wks ago I have diabetes and put on metformin. I have tried for the pressure and discomfort, otc pyridium and I had Bactrim DS for a previous time, that did not work. I took some Amoxicillin for 3 days and I am better but still having frequency and the constant feeling that I have to go. When this happened 2 yrs ago, my gyn did an ultrasound and said I did not have much residual urine. So anyone have some home remedies to keep me sane till I see the urologist. I know maybe I shouldn't treat myself but I am so tired of going to drs. I have RA, take 9 prescription meds and now finding out I have diabetes is the cherry on the sundae. I was even wondering if the metformin caused this. Usually this starts after I have been swimming or relations none of that happened, it came out of the blue. Also drinking cranberry juice a lot. any suggestions would be appreciated.