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Welcome to the TURP club. There are a lot of guys having this done. It usually takes 4 months to completely recover from the surgery based on just how much was removed. You will start getting more control of your leaking soon. make sure you don't strain or lift anything heavy! You are scabbing where the scraping was done so you have to heal and then pass the scabs. Now is the time to take it easy and just don't do anything. If you feel up to it, take a short slow walk to get your system moving and it helps ease the surgery area. You will progress slowly so don't push it. Now, don't listen to the doctors - they never had this done to them. It takes 4 months and anyone who has had this done will tell you the same. I had mine done last year in May and I had the scar tissue restrict my bladder neck and had to have the bladder neck incision done. This is not a big deal - only means a quick snip and you get the catheter out the next day and a quick recovery so if you do develop the scar tissue, don't worry about it. The real key is your age. The younger you are the longer it takes for the nerves in that area to settle down. That is what gives you frequency and urgency not to mention the discomfort. If you have any pyridium, take a little of that to help with the discomfort. I'm sure you are still burning and hurting a little. The good news is that your blockage is gone and once the swelling goes down, you will have a good strong stream!! If I can help you with any of this, just post your questions and concerns. Most guys don't go back on this board after they get over the surgery and have healed. I like to check back once in a while to see if anyone has any questions on the TURP and what to expect. I also had cancer cells found on PATH report, but my PSA is .6 after 18 months which means they probably got the tumor with the TURP. This is a scary experience and you should have all the support you want or need!