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I'm 8 weeks postpartem & started on Labetalol at 2 weeks postpartem. My BP numbers are still high. My doctor put me on Labetalol because it is safe to take while breastfeeding & she felt that I would probably respond well to it. Right now I"m taking 200mg of a morning & 100mg of an evening. My BP is still high (142/100 today) and I REALLY don't want to go even higher on the Labetalol as I'm convinced it's what's making me feel stupid. (for a while, I thought it was lack of sleep, but I've started getting more sleep & I still feel completely out of it).

I've been doing some research & found several drugs that are safe to take while breastfeeding & would like to take the list w/ me to my Dr's appointment next week & ask for a switch. Can I get opinions on the best option? I really want to get my BP numbers down so I can get some good readings. I'm pretty sure that half of my problem is white coat as I start getting worked up a few days before my appointment :( Anyhow - here are some of the drugs that are ok to take while BFing...

Some Diuretics such as: Quinaglute, Quinidex, Mexitil,Norpace, Napamide


Maybe I would be better off just upping my Labetalol? I would love to hear any opinions.