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Your beta-blocker has the following drug Interactions:
Aluminum salts, ampicillin, calcium salts - Plasma levels and pharmacologic effects may be decreased.
Clonidine - May add to or reverse antihypertensive effects; potentially life-threatening situations may occur, especially on withdrawal.
Diltiazem - Pharmacologic effects of atenolol may be increased; symptomatic bradycardia may occur.
Nifedipine, verapamil - Effects of both drugs may be increased.
NSAIDs - Some agents may impair antihypertensive effect.
Prazosin - May increase orthostatic hypotension.
Quinidine - Pharmacologic effects of atenolol may be increased.

There is not a direct documented interaction with Synthroid. How are you taking you meds and what all are you taking?