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[COLOR="Purple"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Hi Keylyme, I also "had" low platelet count for many many years.....With the proper treatment it gets better. I do feel it is typical for many of us to have low platelet count. There are many reasons for this, I don't remember if you are seeing a lyme literate medical doctor. But I think he/she should know that this is common.

Ehrilichiosis, Babesia, med's such as heprin, quinidine, Sulfa-containing antibiotics, rifampin, and other bacteria's can cause this.

The Immunglobulin "could" help. But I think getting whatever problem is causing it will help in the long run.

Not sure how a blood doctor will help you. This is most likely caused from the lyme or co-infection (s).....Try the shots...

Take Care....