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I took Quinine before and it seemed not to help me. Thank you for reminding me because I found some valuable information. This is what I read on the Restless Leg Syndrome website, today....

Quinine rarely (less than 5%) helps RLS and is only included to help avoid RLS sufferers from receiving this drug for their disorder. It is probably one of the most common drugs prescribed by doctors unfamiliar with RLS when they hear the RLS complaints of their patients. This inappropriate treatment occurs because the RLS symptoms are confused with leg cramps for which quinine is the correct treatment.

Many RLS sufferers think that quinine has helped them, but they cannot be sure whether they have RLS and leg cramps, or in fact only leg cramps. Patients who definitely had RLS and found that quinine helped (sometimes very significantly) their RLS, but this is still a very small minority of RLS sufferers. As with many treatments, some remedies seem to help only a few RLS patients and therefore cannot be recommended to the majority.

Thanks again for your help!