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Jen, my eyes have been status quo until very recently, when they started to feel worse. We just started having to put the heat on about two weeks ago, and that is exactly when my eyes started feeling worse. Almost immediately my left eye got really bad. The corneal surface is really beat up. I've been on Quixin (anti-biotic drops) since then because my doctor wanted to keep the surface clean while it heals.

My usual treatment has consisted of using hot comporesses 2-3 times a day, and using lots and lots and lots and lots of tear drops. I'm on 150 mg of Doxy for the last 4 months. We keep wanting to increase it, but the reason I'm on such a low dose is because I have acid reflux disease and anti-biotics can really upset my stomach. So we are taking it very very slowly. My GI doc was really against my being on it at all, but I've got to do something to help my eyes. I'm also using FML (steroid) ointment because my eyes are very very inflamed. And I have to always be on an allergy drop of some sort, because I've got year round allergies. So I am on Alamast, which is actually supposed to help lubricate the eyes. (yeah, right.) So when I'm not using the FML ointment, I try to use tears again gel drops or hypo tears ointment. Especially now that the heat is on, I've always got to have something thick in my eyes. I'm just soooo afraid that my eyes are going to get so dry that I'll scratch my cornea(s) again. In fact, my left eye has several microscopic scratches on the surface, which is why I'm on the anti-biotic. And winter hasn't even started yet. This is always my worst time of year. Sigh.

I have to go back to the eye doctor on wednesday. Hopefully my eye is healed and I can get off of the Quixin. I hate it. Last time I had this I was on anti-biotics for about 3 weeks until the surface healed, so I might have a little longer to go. What an ordeal. And it's not even like I did anything to make the surface bad, like rubbing it. That's just my eyes for ya.