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Missy, that is so cool that they were able to show you pictures of the dry spots on your eyes! My doctor's office is not that ultra-modern. :(

I did take Doxycycline for a while, but it did nothing. NOTHING. I was on it for about 6 months and then I started to have Gallbladder problems (not from that), and all it did was irritate my stomach even more. Plus, I have such a sensitive stomach that I could not take the full dose without getting very sick. I had to bump my Acid Reflux medication up to twice a day while I was on it as it was. Then I started having Gallbladder problems and I could barely eat, so all of my doctors agreed that since it wasn't even helping me I should just come off of it.

I would absolutely love to get all of you up here to see my doctor. We could have a party in his office! He'd be sooooo flattered to know that you would all come from far away just to see him. If anybody can get to Florida, Dr. Terrence O'Brien is at the Bascom Palmer Eye Center, and he is world renowned for his work with dry eye patients. Although I saw him (when he was at John's Hopkins ion Maryland) and he agreed exactly with what my doctor was doing.

Tony, I don't think my doctor would want your arm, but if you gave him Barb's chocolate chip cookies, he'd see you for free! He's got such a bad sweet tooth. If you brought him a Strawberry Cheesecake, he'd be your best friend! But at the same time he's a health nut and goes to the gym every day. Go figure.

So, I wound up having to see him today. Remember I said my eyes were feeling worse these past few days? Well, I woke up this morning with gallons of yellow stuff coming out of my eyes. Halfway down my face it was. So I had to drop off the "Edible Arrangements' fruit basket I got for them for Christmas anyway, so I asked if I could be seen when I came in with their gift. Of course they did not turn me down, and he took one look at my eyes and said that there was a lot of string in there, and he didn't like it because it's all yellow. So he gave me Quixin, which is actually Levaquin for the eyes and I am taking Levaquin orally for my sinuses too. I also had another small gift for him. I was looking through a christmas catalog a few months ago and I found a joke gift. It's a small urn that says "ashes of problem patients". He's a real joker, and he was absolutely rolling on the floor laughing when he opened it! It's now sitting on the front desk in the office, and he said that MY ashes will be the first ones in there! LOL!

Sooo, I have to go back in a week to make sure this is cleared up, because he did not like the way they looked at all. :( He wants me to use the drops 4 times a day for 3 days, but he said if I am still having a lot of discharge to contine until I see him.
Tony, I put a box of my Bion Tears in the fridge last night and I am really liking it. I don't use the cold ones every single time I need to put tears in (which would be about ten times a day!) but every once in a while it feels good. I told my parents not to think I am nuts putting a box of tears in the refigerator, and please not to eat them! :D

I still have lots of goopy string coming out of my eyes (as usual!) but it doesn't seem to be yellow anymore. He told me to use the Quixin for 3 days and then stop and see him on tuesday, so I will stop using it tomorrow night. If the yellow garbage returns then I'll just go back on it. I don't want to jinx myself, but my sinuses may finally be starting to feel very, very slightly better. So maybe my eyes won't be too far behind.

I hope you have a wonderful day with your dad and stepmom.

I have to ask you all a silly question. When you are putting your eyedrops in, how do you do it? I ask because I had to put my mom's Xalatan in for her last night and she has a method of doing it that seems weird to me. She took a nasty spill yesterday and wrenched her whole body. She can't move her arm to get it up to her eye, and she was so loopy on muscle relaxers that she probably didn't even know I was putting the drops in for her! Here comes GOOPERWOMAN, eyedrop superhero to the RESCUE! (Playing some triumphant music here would make that sound much better!) Look up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's GOOPERWOMAN with her trusty eyedrops!

Anyway, I have seen her do this before, but I have my own method and I was just wondering which one you all prefer to use.

My mom does this:
She keeps the eye closed and puts a drop in the corner. Then she opens her eye and tries to get the drop to fall in.

I do this:
I do it exactly how my doctor does it (which makes sense since he is the one who taught me how to put eyedrops in!) I hold the drops in my right hand since I am right handed. I open my eye wide and use the index finger of my left hand to pull down the lower lid, and then I squeeze the drop into the eye. I am so good at it, people see me do it and they cannot believe it. My mom says she can't stand to have her eye open when she is putting drops in because she sees the drop coming and she blinks. I told her that's why you're supposed to HOLD the lower lid! I used to have to do it my mom's way when I was a kid, but now I have been doing it the other way for so long that I've become an old pro!

So which way do you guys prefer to put your drops in? I'm just curious to see if I am in the minority here, and the rest of the world does it the way my mom does!
Michelle, before I had this dry eye problem I very rarely ever had to put eyedrops in. Maybe I had to use some allergy drops for a few weeks during hayfever season when I was a kid, and a few times I had pink eye growing up. So when I started having to put drops in on a regular basis, I was a real klutz at first! I tried dropping them into the corner of my closed eye like my mom does, but not very much was getting in. At first I didn't like putting drops into an open eye, but I got used to it REEEEEEEAAAALLLL fast! I think it took me about two days of putting in twenty + drops in each eye to develop my technique. Even my doctor is impressed with me now! It took me a lot longer to learn how to put ointment in though. He had to show me that a few times and help me practice!

My eyes still have A LOT of ropy goo in them, but it doesn't seem to be yellow anymore from what I can see. But there is a ton of schmutz floating around in there and they are still really crusty. I have a follow up appointment for the pink eye tomorrow, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that it is gone. My eyes really did not like the anti-biotic drops. We switched it up this time and used something different from what I usually use - Zymar (because it's never good to use the same anti-biotic time after time after time) and this one (Quixin) stings like the devil! It's a bad, mean, EVIL drop! I give the bottle the evil eye and a nice little stare and I try to scare it into not stinging me, but it doesn't work. Grrrrrrrrrrrr :mad:

OK, enough of my being grumpy. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and got great presents! :)