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Just an update for you guys.I am on a list of pills that goes like this hydroxyzine 25mg two at bedtime and one in the daytime if I get to itchy.
Ranitidine 150mg twice a day.
Cetirizine hydrchloride 10 mg twice aday.
ketotifen 1mg twice aday.
I was having my thyroid tested every three months because the allergy doc said that usually with chronic hives and swelling your thyroid begins to act up so I went.every three months.I had a phone call in nov2005 from my family doctor asking what meds I was on for thyroid(you would think he would have looked at my chart).Anywaz it should up low.So I started on Levothyroxine.I go for another blood test to see if that help. thanx for all your help getting though this I have been doing some reading on the allergy board and thyroid board.