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My husband has cronic Hep C and found it when he had his coloesterol checked around '95. He tried the interferon only since that was the only treatment available at that time, actually tried it twice - but it did not help. then in '99 he started on Rebetron. At that point he has slight cirrosis of the liver from the hep C. He was on it for a year, and it cleared him of the hep C and still tests clear. I will tell you that it made him very ill. He wanted to get off of it several times, but I begged him not to because his viral load kept going down each time they tested him. He did drink alot of water while on it, but still felt very bad. But - it was worth it, he is clear (which we consider a miracle) and it doesn't work on everyone. I thank God that he is free and clear today and we don't have to worry about it anymore. You just have to do what is right for you. You might try the therapy and see how it goes.