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:jester: Thanks Desert Bloom!

Wow! My Dr. said nothing about any tests at all for the whole duration.
Makes me wonder about her. Have you or anyone ever heard of this new shot you take once a year called> RECLAST? I would much rather do that if it works! Has anyone out there done that?
Thanks for all the tips you gave me Desert Bloom...how happy you must be to be getting off of the injections! Did your bone density increase? By how much? Was the two years worth it? Just curious since I still have such a long way to go.

Hi Forteogirl: Yes I improved on Forteo, very much. I went from -3.6 in the spine to -2.6 in less than 14 months. I won't know how much more improvemtent, if any until my next dxa.

I don't have any personal info on Reclast but there are some here that are taking it, so hopefully they will jump in with their experiences.

The two years were DEFINITELY worth it (not shouting, just excited;) ) I started on Actonel and didn't improve at all, so they switched me to Forteo. I have chronic pain from spinal fractures and other spinal problems and the Actonel increased this pain, but only by a small amount. The Dr told me that if I had that reaction to the oral bisphosphonates (Actonel) then I would probably have a even greater problem from the iv form (Reclast), so I'm opting to go on Evista (SERM) when the Forteo is over.

I didn't have any problems with the Forteo injection and actually just got used to doing it without really thinking about it much because it didn't hurt and it was easy for me to do.

If you can handle the Forteo I would think it's a better option for building new bone, since that's what it does and Reclast only slows bone loss. I'm not against either of the drugs and it's just something you would have to decide for yourself. You could always go on Reclast after the Forteo or now depending on how you're doing on Forteo. I just thought it was a better idea to build new bone first and then use a antiresorptive after the 2 years are up to slow the bone loss I gained on Forteo. I'm sure you know that Actonel, Fosomax, Boniva, HRT, Serms (Evista) Calcitonin and Reclast etc, are all antiresorptives which only slow bone loss, they don't build new bone; Forteo and Strontium Ranelate are the only 2 drugs I know of that actually build new bone.

Good luck with your decision and show your Dr the literature that comes in the box about the tests I mentioned so he knows what you are talking about.:wave:

If I could stay on Forteo longer than 2 years I would, that's how much it's helped.