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You mentioned the use of IV pamidronate (Aredia) and there is not the risk w/pamidronate for the jaw necrosis that there is w/the oral bisphosphonates. I've searched here but can't find where you posted the reference or info. Would you please post it again!!!! THANKS!

Hi: Boy that's a semi old post:eek: I had a little trouble finding it. However, the discussion was on Reclast, and somehow switch to Aredia, but what I said was that "all" bisphosphonates have the ability to cause ONJ, some more than others and I was referring to the IV ones. But even so, I believe that you have to be in the "high risk" category for ONJ if you're going to worry about contracting it (cancer patient, chemo-radiation treat, etc). That's not to say that no high risk patients get ONJ but I think the statistic is very low for patients contracting ONJ if they are "not" cancer patients being treated with chemo, radiation, corticosteriods, and "long term and high dose" use of iv bisphosphonates. I posted a link to the research on this and have reposted it below. Hope this helps...;)