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My mother who is 84 years old has been on Forteo for the last 10 months and is due for a bone density test next month.
We are considering the next step (taking into account the test results and Dr.'s recommendation). And one option we're looking at, after Forteo, is Reclast as it's apparently quite effective and it's a 15 minute intravenous injection administered on a yearly basis.

Has anyone tried the Reclast treatment ?
How are your results ? any major side-effects ?
Did you use it in combination or post other treatments like for example Forteo, Actonel, Fosamax, strontium ?

Thanks in advance for your input.
Sorry I didn't realize you're in Canada, maybe someone there can help you since Reclast isn't available in the US yet.
Hi Annabelle: If you haven't read the link below, maybe it will help to answer your questions. Because Reclast is an iv bisphosphonate, it should have less gi probs, but of course there's the worry about osteonecrosis etc; with all iv bisphos's, but that is something you would have to decide for yourself. Check and see how long the half life is on this at the link below, that might help you to make a decision. Currently Reclast is used for Pagets disease in the US and some other medical probs, but as yet has not been approved for osteo here. I remember reading that it causes heart arthymias in the trials.

Does your mother have another 14 mos to go on forteo? If so, there might be other things available then if she doesn't decide to use Reclast. The 15 min infusion really makes it sound convenient, I'm just curious as to the side effects of those already on it. You might want to post in a Paget's forum and ask there, since they are the patients that would have long term knowledge of it.

Good Luck...:wave:

[QUOTE=DesertBloom;2977928]Sorry I didn't realize you're in Canada, maybe someone there can help you since Reclast isn't available in the US yet.
Hello DesertBloom,

Thanks for your input - good thought : if my mom continues with Forteo for several more months there may be other options by then.

For some reason I thought the FDA had approved Reclast for osteoporosis treatment and hence was thinking some people might be already using it for osteporosis and might have some feedback.

In Canada, Reclast is marketed as Aclasta and has been approved by Health Canada (the equivalent to the US FDA) since June 2005 for Paget's disease.
It is now under review by Health Canada for treatment of osteoporosis.

Horizon is conducting an on-going clinical program of Aclasta as a treatment for osteoporosis.

The Horizon study has so far included almost 8,000 women across 27 countries; the women are in the 65-89 age range. And the results look really promising.
Horizon will have additional results in the latter part of 2007 based on a wider study of men and women.

If you are interested, have a look at the following:

Thanks again.

My mother who is 96 years old had the RECLAST infusion last month(oct 2007). So far there does not appear to be any adverse reactions.