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My doc is a specialist in osteoporosis and he is retiring from practicing to go into research on osteoporosis and I expect good things from him in the next 2-4 years.

At his suggestion I am looking into a yearly infusion of Reclast; it was approved in April 2007. (You can also get infusions of Boniva, I think every 3-4 months.) Before I get lots of emails about it I am very aware of the issues of IV infusions with bisphosphates. I read the New England Journal of Medicine article that came out this year on Reclast. I have discussed the possibility of jaw necrosis with my dentist and my doc. For me the risk here is very minimal. There is an increase risk of atrial fibrillation but again I talked with the doc and he doesn't believe it should be a problem for me at my age, 58. But since I have a SVT we agreed that speaking with a cardiologist would be a prudent step just to be sure.

My doc was clear that once I was off Forteo I would lose the bone if I did nothing and from what I've seen in the literature this is the case. I know some who have posted here have decided to go with supplements, exercise etc. I figure you have looked at your situation and options and have decided on that course of action. But I have determined for my situation and with my low density (-4.0) that the treatment with Reclast (or a bisphosphate), at least so far, appears to be my best option. If and when strontium ranelate becomes available in the US or Canada I would consider it also.

I am going to be taking Forteo for an additional 2 months or so while I transition to another doc who is also a osteoporosis expert.

I'll let you know how this saga finally turns out.

Good luck to all of us