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I was just reviewing some recent bloodwork and noticed my calcium level was 10.3 (range 8.2-10.2), vit D 1,25 is 76 (15-60) and vit D 25 is 49 (20-100). I guess my new endo isn't concerned with any of this as he didn't even mention the first two being out of range. From doing alittle research I now realize the high calcium could signal hyperparathyroidism even though the PTH level was 41.6 (15.0-65.0). I have several of the symptoms-bone pain mostly in legs and arms for a few years, tired all the time, feel unwell alot, forgetful, can't seem to concentrate for very long, gerd, osteopenia. From what I'm reading most people have low vit D levels with hpth. Does anyone know what my high level could mean? My doctor wants me to take more calcium and vit D but from what I've read on other posts and the parathyroid site it's not something I want to do. I've been having these symptoms and more for so long I feel like and old woman. My 80 yr old MIL has more energy than me and I'm only 55. Please share anything that may help me to get my doc to do more testing. I've also developed diabetes in the last 2 yrs, my liver enzymes are slightly elevated and I've got high cholesteral. I tell you all this to help with diagnosis. Oh! and he also wants me to have the new 1 yr osteoperosis infusion, Reclast because Fosamax and Boniva caused me stomach aches (I've had ulcers in the past). Thanks for any info you can give me and I'm sorry this is so long.