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Life is not without risk nor is medication without risk. It is a cost vs benefit situation: do you get more help out of it than you do hindrance, and where is the priority? My husband takes a drug that sometimes makes his ears ring, but it keeps his heart beating. I made my decision to take Reclast on the basis of likely independent function: if I break a hip or my back I will not be able to do even the simplest errand, but if I develop an adverse effect of Reclast I should still be able, with appropriate treatment, to make it to the grocery store, pharmacy, bank, and doctor's office. In any case, the huge majority of people taking these drugs don't get the bad stuff (find the package insert data online and look for percentages). Also, the worst adverse outcomes can occur spontaneously, without one having taken the meds (example: atrial fibrillation). Assuming that we choose a well-qualfied doctor and also research treatment options the best we can, finally, there is a necessary element of trust. When we travel, we can't fly the 747 for ourselves.