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That's interesting, that you saw a New Zealand study---I read this past week about one in Hong Kong that associated cardiac events with taking a calcium supplement and found that the more compliant the woman was with taking the supplement, the greater her risk of cardiac event. All of this is frightening. But I feel as if I, too, am doing a study---in comparative manageability. If I shatter a vertebra or femur, I am screwed. I can't even get out to the grocery store. If I get a heart arrhythmia, which at my age I might get anyway, this can probably be managed: drugs, pacemaker, defibrillator, whatever it takes. It's like a cost-benefit analysis. I have prioritized my risks and calculate that 99% likelihood of osteoporotic fracture---you don't even have to fall! Bones can just snap, crackle, and pop spontaneously---is one I need to avoid. If I can. I am starting Reclast. I feel as if I am walking into the ocean, but it's maybe the lesser of many evils.