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Hi everyone. I am new here as of today May 1st. I hope to get to know a few of you.
I have a question to start things off................
I have what the docs say "almost full-blown osteoporosis" and I'm only 50 !! My mom, bless her heart, is almost 80 and also suffers. In fact, she has already had a broken wrist, rib and back from this disease.

Because of gastritis and esophagitis I have not been able to tolerate fosomax or actonel, so now we are awaiting approval from my insurance for a once a year IV treatment called: RECLAST. They say it's fairly new on the market.

My Question:
HAS ANYONE HERE TRIED THIS OR KNOW OF ANYONE WHO HAS ??? I'm a bit nervous because "if" I were to have a negative reaction to it, it would be in my system for a year I guess ??? Hmmm ?? I will talk to my doc about it on my next appt, but you know how these docs are...............they just repeat what they're told by the drug reps................so I'd like to find someone who's tried this ??

Thanks in advance for ANY help. Have a blessed day,

Connie (Ihatesick)
Wish I could offer some advice, but I am only 55 and diagnosed with osteo. I am a nervous wreck because I also had knee replacement last August 07, and while it is doing very well, I am still cautious. I am thinking about doing Reclast and have to take Prilosec everyday for acid reflux, so our symptoms are similar. I need to exercise badly, but am so nervous about what exercises I can and cannot do due to my osteo and knee that now I'm eating twice as much and gaining. Anyone out there can help?
Hi ihatesick and welcome to the board :wave::wave::wave:. I can't help you on how reclast works, but can help you on your next visit. Before you go make a list of all your questions, concerns and i want to knows. Have it prominently in your hand so he can see it and make sure before he heads to the door that he has answered all your questions to your satisfactions. You can't make a good informed decision without knowing the facts and how they will affect you and your life. You said full blown osteo..do you have a copy of your t-scores? Another tip..get copies of every lab, test or whatever you get.

Hi osteogirl...welcome to you too :wave::wave::wave:. . Have you talked to a physical therapist? They could give you a routine of exercises that would work with your new knee and not strain it more than it can stand. How about walking...are you up to short walks several times a day? As for the eating..thats up to you to control. if you're muncher try to stock the house with things that won't add weight...cut up veggies, fruit, flavored water, sugar free popsickles, you get the idea and probably know this already. Getting rid of the bad stuff will help to..if its not there you can't eat it.

Good luck to both of you...this is a good board, lots of smart people who like to help each other out with whatever is needed..be it advice, support or a just someone to listen. take care..phyllis
Hi, Ask your doc about Boniva IV. It has been on the market longer than Reclast and is given every three months. My doc says he feels better about the every three months dosage than the yearly due to the fact that if you have problems, the medication won't be in your system for so long. You also might ask about Forteo which I have been on for almost 2 years now. This is a shot that you give yourself every day. I have had some gains on this med, but it is only approved by FDA for 2 years. I too can't take oral meds due to digestive problems.
Nice to know about the Boniva IV. I'm using Forteo right now because the monthly Boniva didn't seem to help much as my spine score got worse. Doc says that in 2 years I will probably want the reclast. Of course they will have newer studies then and maybe even better choices. I have to say I feel blessed that there is such a drug as Forteo and hopefully I won't have to suffer the way my poor mother did. Will Forteo prevent the S curve or dowagers hump?? I remember seeing my Mom after I had been away a year and a half and being so shocked at seeing the hump in her back. It got really bad, really fast and her pain and the meds slowly sucked the life out of her. She died in the hospital after she broke her hip. She never came out of the anethesia. I don't want to spend my "golden years" lying in bed watching "Ophra" and "Judge Judy" not that there is anything wrong with that..lol;)