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Hi, I am truly frustrated---just finished two years of daily injections with FORTEO at the end of June. My dexa shows so little improvement that it barely can be detected on chart!!!!! My T scores for spine are; -3.44, -3.98, -3.89, -4.46 and my hip scores are; -2.39, -2.71, -2.89. I am 66 years old and have never had a fracture, I do have lower back pain, but not yet severe. According to my scores, you would think that I would be a crippled up, bent over old women, but quite the contrary, I have good mobility (so far) and look very healthy. As they say, looks are deceiving, right? I am unable to take oral bisphos and my doc mentioned Reclast. However, he seems somewhat hesitant about this treatment and I certainly am due to all the possible side effects. Right now he just wants me to keep taking the calcium and vit D (50,000 units every 10 days) and see what my scores are next June. I can't find much info on this board about Reclast---seems everyone is afraid of it like myself....IS ANYONE OUT THERE USING THIS TREATMENT?, if so I would sure appreciate your letting us know how you are doing. I know it has only been approved for use for about 2 yrs., guess we will find out more as time goes by. Also, I would like to know if anyone else has had disappointing results with Forteo. It sure was a lot of trouble and expense for so little results!!! I plan on letting Eli Lilly know and encourage anyone else with little or no improvement to let them know that their expensive medicine is not the miracle that so many of us expected!!!!
Hi Spongebones; I share your frustration with expensive prescription medications-especially those that require injection-that don't deliver. I'm almost 52 and in great shape, doing all the right things etc. To look at me, you'd never think there is this insidious disease ravaging my bones.

While I've never tried Forteo, I did almost a year of daily injections of hGh (human growth hormone) at a cost of over $15K, none of which was covered by insurance. At the end of it all? I lost another 6% of lumbar BMD:mad:! Every item of research I found on hGh and osteoporosis indicated excellent results, and the doctors at the clinic said I was the first one who actually showed a decrease:(.

I don't know what to think anymore. This "diagnosis" has consumed me for close to 10 years and I'm fed up with worrying that every little twinge of discomfort in my back is a fractured vertebra. I've read so many posts on these boards from those who have tried a drug and had improvement in one area but a decrease in another. Or obtained some increases and then lost them. We're told to guzzle calcium-rich foods at every opportunity, yet other cultures who consume virtually no dairy products have better BMD scores than we in North America.:confused:

For my part, I'm going to carry on with private training in Pilates plus all the other sports I enjoy and to h*** with the "fracture risk". I'm going the vitamin K route and may go back on strontium (did 3 months of it then stopped because of a post on trabecular formation). Anyway, sorry I can't give you any support on the Reclast option, but your post did give me a chance to vent my frustration, and I thank-you for that.
I strongly believe that ''bone mineral density'' is definitely NOT the be-all and end-all of bone strength. DEXA scans scan for ''density'', NOT strength! I also suspect (but of course, cannot prove), that the drug manufacturing companies are ''somehow'' connected to the DEXA machines themselves. As you mentioned yourself in your post, you've HAD NO FRACTURES!!!! I personally know people who have fractured, but who DIDN'T have osteoporosis, or even osteopenia!

A great book to read is ''The Myth of Osteoporosis'' by Gillian Sanson.

I'd steer well clear of the Reclast, if I were you. You might perhaps consider Strontium Citrate (available for purchase on-line), and also in health-food stores (although not in every state). You're doctor probably won't be familar with it, but that shouldn't deter you. You can see many posts here from people who use it.

I personally am using a combination of calcium citrate, vit. d and magnesium. I'm not particularly worried about my osteo, -2.5 in hip, and -2.2 in spine. I have also decided not to do any more DEXA scans. I walk daily, watch my diet, and lift small weights.

These are just my personal thoughts, but I wish you the best in whatever you decide to do.

Hi Spongebones: I'm so sorry you didn't get better results with your dxa. That must be a killer hearing that, like Osteo and Taape had to. Below is a very easy to read article on Reclast (Zolendronic Acid). I don't have any experience with it and as you know it is a bisphos, so you will have to do some thinking on this.

Do you have any heart problems? In the article it mentions that Reclast can aggravate atrial fibrillation and cause strokes. I read and reread the section on adverse events on this, but they list the number of the placebo group and the Reclast group as only 1 or 2 points different for having a stroke. So if almost the same number of people not taking Reclast had a stroke compared to those taking it, I don't know what to make of that, except that the drug doesn't sound like it causes it if the numbers are almost the same. When you get to the Adverse events section click on the PowerPoint or if you don't have that click on the additional listing on adverse events and it will open a new window giving all the info, pay particular attention to the numbers between the 2 groups, those taking it and those not taking it.


Don't forget that t-scores do not predict fracturability alone. You could have very strong bones but a low t-score. Have you tried the FRAX tool from the WHO? That might give you a better idea of the percentages of the possibility of frax in your case.

Remember we've all talked to those with pretty good t-scores who frax, and those with low numbers that don't so please don't pin all your hope on just the t-score. We've all heard the stories of the people who do all the wrong things and don't frax and those who do all the right and do frax, so it goes both ways these tests are not written in stone, they're just all we have at the moment.

Here's the Frax Tool if you haven't tried it. It will give you your 10 year probability of frax. The Drs are suppose to be using this tool now in their offices because it gives more info besides the dxa, which is starting to fall in the ratings so to speak, according to some.

FRAX Tool: [url]http://www.shef.ac.uk/FRAX/index.htm[/url]

enter the pertinent info and see what you come up with you might be surprised. You need to have your femoral neck score for this one.

Good Luck...:angel::angel: