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[QUOTE=petal*pusher;3712132]Hi mony! I'll be finishing up my 2 years on Forteo this coming March. I have found just before bed the best time for me on this drug.

I also take meds for Atrial Fib...so I feel I can keep track of what i'm feeling better if taking it right before laying down.

You'll find several more individuals here on Forteo. Keep asking questions and reading...you'll get some great info!......Pam;)
My doctor recommended Forteo but after reading about the dizziness and the history of cancer in rats I am a bit scared. I have Parkinson's and cannot afford to become more unsteady. I take care of my elderly parents one day a week and have to drive a distance to get there. You seem to be doing well on this drug. Have you experienced any of the side effects? Do they last or do they go away after a while? My only other alternative is the Reclast infusion (which has even more side effects) but my doctor says Forteo is stronger and builds bone. I have so many things wrong with me that I would hate to make a hasty decision and add more illness to my life. Thanks for your time.