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Hi Desert
Thanks for your reply. I have been out of town and am still waiting to hear from my doc. He has always called me back right away and I am pretty frustrated because it has been two weeks since I got the dexa results. I looked up that article and others too on pubmed so I am prepared for when he calls. Most of what I've read says some very specific things: they give a guideline for determining failure on bisphos, like more than a 4% decline in dexa scores in at least two areas of the body and a poor NTX score. They can't determine yet that if the bisphos are failing in terms of bone loss if that also means that you are not getting any fracture protection as well. That makes it hard for me to decide whether to stay on Fosamax for that alone. The articles also say that if the failure showed at the year dexa it showed up on the dexa two years out as well, so from that standpoint there is no reason to keep taking it. The protocol is once failure is determined you should test for secondary issues, which I already have been and both my D and urine calcium are in the good range now, and my thyroid has always tested fine. Given that they say the choices are Forteo, which I have already done, and maybe Reclast, which I won't do because it is too new, and I don't like the possible side effects. Evista isn't an option for me because my mom had a stroke and I don't want to take the chance of the blood clot side effect. I know that Denosumab in around the corner, it looks like they are going to be applying for FDA approval soon and it could be sometime in 2009 that it is actually available. But, again, it is so new and I would want to see the side effect information first before considering it.

I have started the support group on my own and we are a small group of 8 and growing. I continue to be active with FORE and have started a south bay chapter in the San Jose area where we are doing many information booths at health fairs, health clubs, and hospitals. Just spreading the word to all ages somehow makes me feel like I am helping others avoid some of the stuff that those of us who came to osteo late without information have had to endure.

Hope your ablation goes well. I have a friend who had one last year and she is doing fabulous-no problems at all and she is off all her meds. Keep in touch.