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OK, quick overview...My 2 year old son has down syndrome, was a 27 week premie, is on meds for reflux, and Flovent for asthma. Due to the DS he has a CBC every year (or more frequently if needed). This time the white count was a little low. I am trying to find out if any of the meds he is on could cause this. We are having it redone this month but I was trying to research it a little...he is on Prevacid, Reglan, Zantac, and Flovent.

Any suggestions on where I can find a list of meds that can cause low white blood counts? The Dr. asks if he had a cold or cough when he had the test done but he really didn't...although my husband and I we sick the week before he didn't seem to get it but could have had the virus.

Any info will be appreciated!
The most likely scenario is that your son did indeed pick up the virus that you and your husband had, even though he exhibited no outward symptoms.

Flovent sometimes can cause a mild sore throat, upper respiratory infection, sinusitis, even the flu. Any one of these of course, can lower the WBC temporarily.

Although not common, Prevacid sometimes can alter one's WBC- either an increase or decrease.

And rarely, Reglan can cause a decrease in the # of one type of white blood cell... the neutrophils.

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