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I took my little girl to the doctor. Not her normal doctor. Anyways he said that she has a mild cases of rsv. Just to give her tylenol. That she will be fine in a week. They said she propably got it from daycare. Then i asked if she could go to daycare. They told me just not to tell them what she has. If i did they would freak out. The nurse said that they would never know the difference because she wasn't running a fever. To me the way they said it was like i should but who's going to know. Which i thought was very wrong. So i didn't take her to daycare. She also has reflux and is on reglan and zantac. Where there have been new reports about zantac and the people who take it are more likely to get pnemouia. So needless to say i am worried to death about her. I am a first time mom and all of this is just making my so sick with worry. I just fear that something horrible will happen to her. Any advice or information on rsv and/or reflux.