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Thanks for your reply. We actually did try it for a day and it was awful for my son. He was miserable all day and he started getting a rash on his face, he did not nap all day and that it very unusual for him. I suspected some kind of allergic reaction so I called the doctor, who agreed and he is now back to prosobee. He does not have a weight problem, its been slowly but he is gaining he is 7 months and 16 1/2 pounds, born at 7lbs1oz. He is always happy, at least on prosobee, he just throws up alot. So now we have to decide if we are going to give it a few months and see if he grows out of it or the doctor suggested reglan. I am thinking probably just dealing with it because when he eats solids he doesnt throw up as much so I believe hes going to grow out of it sooner or later and I would rather him throw up and be happy than the possible side effects from different meds and formulas. Thanks for responding, good luck with your daughter I am glad it is working for you.
Good for you my daughter was on reglan and when I found out about the awful side effects, I said no way! Good luck to you!