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It sounds like they want to check for acid reflux. My DD had that at like 2 weeks old we found out. Anyways they just put her on zantac, reglan, and had us a little bit of rice cereal to her formula.That all really helped her. She was off the meds by the time she was one. They say that once they start being more upright and eating more soild foods the problem seems to go away. I do know a few people who still have acid reflux that was found when they where little. It usually due to want to things to finish maturing. Also heavier foods stay down better. That is why they had us add the rice cereal to her formula. It will be ok. Once they get if figured out and if she has to be on meds it helps with sleeping too. Acid reflux can be very painful for them. So that makes it easier for them to sleep once that pain goes away. Good luck with this. I know it can be scary.