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Hi Karie:

Please don't feel bad...sometimes posts can be overlooked by mistake, but I give you credit for having the courage to speak up again. I cannot give an opinion regarding disectomy, have only had fusions. Your drs should be sharing with you their opinion after performing tests and telling you what your options are. Then you can make a decision that is best for you. Get all the facts and do some research on the procedures. That will help you make an educated/informed choice. There may be others here who can be of more help.

I agree with Scars regarding the depression and back problems and surgery can be rough. I take an anti depressant and it helps keep my emotions balanced. I do hope you feel better soon and keep us posted on what you decide...Jo H.

1979: Fell from scaffold onto gymnasium floor. Decompression Laminectomy L1-L3 w/Spinal Fusion and Harrington Rods Insertion.
1992: Harrington rod breakage and dislodging. Removal and refitted with smaller hardware and re fused.
2001: Pain Again. MRI inconclusive due to hardware
2001: Diskogram shows bulging and DDD at L4-S1 due to domino effect
2002 Feb: 10 hr. surgery. 360 fusion and hardware extended with "connector" to S1. 3 Titanium cages placed anteriorally. Fused from L1-S1.
2002 Sept: Pain worse than before surgery.
2002 Oct: EMG shows damage to L5 and S1
2002 Oct: CT Myelogram ordered.

Duragesic Patch 50 mg
Morphine Sulf 15mg for bt pain
Nitrofurantoin for UTI prevention

Believing God will heal me!