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23 1/2 yrs for me. That's my injury date, not my age. I am 42 and I will admit that after my fall in 1979 and 1 yr recovery I had minor disabilities until my rods broke and unhooked. After that surgery, I again did fairly well until 2000. It's actually been 2 yrs when things began to go downhill. I had my third surgery in Feb and have not had success as far as pain goes. The surgeons consider it a success in that they realligned and stabilized my spine, which is what they set out to do. The pain relief is a fringe benefit at times. It worked for me the first two times and I still highly recommend fusions, but I guess as our bodies age we deal with the changes. I believe in my heart that I will be completely healed by the Great Physician and just pray for patience until then....Hope you have a painfree future..Jo H.

1979: Fell from scaffold onto gymnasium floor. Decompression Laminectomy L1-L3 w/Spinal Fusion and Harrington Rods Insertion.
1992: Harrington rod breakage and dislodging. Removal and refitted with smaller hardware and re fused.
2001: Pain Again. MRI inconclusive due to hardware
2001: Diskogram shows bulging and DDD at L4-S1 due to domino effect
2002 Feb: 10 hr. surgery. 360 fusion and hardware extended with "connector" to S1. 3 Titanium cages placed anteriorally. Fused from L1-S1.
2002 Sept: Pain worse than before surgery.
2002 Oct: EMG shows damage to L5 and S1
2002 Oct: CT Myelogram shows clustering at the nerve root endings of L1-L2. Scat tissue.
"We can't find anything "PRONOUNCED"
2002 Dec: "To Do or Not To Do?" That is the question.

Duragesic Patch 50 mg
Morphine Sulf 15mg for bt pain
Nitrofurantoin for UTI prevention

Believing God will heal me!