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I am quite nervous about taking such a strong medicine, but my other med's weren't working completely.

Short story: I have two buldging disks + one completely degenerated and osteoarthritis in my lower back. All at L4 / L5 area.

I have been on Relafen and Vicodin for over a year. I have had P. Ther., Epidural Injection, Several Cortisone injections, plus a few other shots that my doc didn't explain the med's to me.

Today I took my first MS Contin (15 mg) and I am really dizzy :eek: and a tad nauseus (sp). I took it with food. Doc said it may not work right away. I am very nervous though about taking such a strong medicine. He also told me that I would still need to take the Relafen plus Vicodin for "breakthrough" pain. I hate taking all this medicine!!! I just want the pain to stop, ya know!

Any experience out there with side effects, long term use, weight gain (?), etc?

TIA - Trina :)