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Hi all,

Well, I really did a no-no to myself...I am a painting contractor by trade and lifted a ladder out of my truck yesterday. Very heavy ladder mind you. When I lifted the ladder my lower back strained and a super sharp pain ran down the back of my right leg.

After this I now have what feels like a tennis ball at the base of my spine and SEVERE pain. I cannot stand up straight. It feels like when one get's a piece of tinfoil stuck to a filling. Electricity - feels like that is in my lower back.

I hope I didn't injure my disks or anything else further. I have been taking the only med's I have right now: Relafen & Vicodin. Neither are relieving the pain.

I am soooo stubborn, why did I have to lift the ladder??? :nono: I can't get an appt. w/ my phys med doc untill Oct. 27.

I wonder if I should go to urgent care tomorrow if the pain does not subside. Any ideas?

:( Trina